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After an 18-year career in the Canadian Armed Forces, and 14 years as a Training Development Officer, I decided to incorporated as a consultant.  To complement my work experience, I attained a Master of Arts degree (Adult Education), a Master of Education degree (Distance Education) and a Doctor of Education degree (EdD – Distance Education). My skills include the following:

  • Leading & implementing the stages of instructional design i.e., the 5 stages of ADDIE/ 6 stages of CFITES in the Canadian Armed Forces i.e., Analysis (Qualification Standards), Design (Training Plans), Development, Conduct, Evaluation, & Validation
  • Facilitating Distance Learning courses – either synchronously (virtual classroom) or asynchronously (on a Learning Management System, threaded discussions)
  • Completing Training Needs Assessments and Analyses
  • Completing Training Programme Evaluations
  • Providing Strategic-level guidance on Training & Education

Due to specific work experiences that I have had, I am also knowledgeable & interested in areas related to Workplace Inclusion, Data/Digital Literacy, Training Simulations, and projects.

I have honed my research skills in collecting and analyzing qualitative data (NVivo) & quantitative data (SPSS) through my doctoral research titled, “Satisfaction of Canadian Armed Forces Regular Forces Members with their Distance Learning Experiences.”

I am also certified as a Change Management Practitioner with PROSCI.

I look forward to hearing how I could support you and your team.

-Kim Jones

2 thoughts on “KJ Consulting

  1. Samia El-Azzi

    Hi Kim, congratulations on this milestone. A question – what kind of change management support services and or training will your firm offer?


    1. Hi Samia! I hope you are well.

      Generally, change managers coordinate the people side of change. I am certified by PROSCI and am knowledgeable in their ADKAR Model. I could offer support in building and maintaining a change management plan that would take into consideration things like the sponsor’s role, required training, communications, etc.


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